Wednesday 8 May 2013

Sewing Studio - Renovations Almost Done

Renovations are almost done.
My husband has put so much work into my space.
 He has done an amazing job with every detail and this
room is definitely my dream Sewing Studio!
While I was organizing I was watching a little Peggy Sager.
The computer station also has a TV.
Having a TV in my Sewing space is really kind of nice.

Starting off fresh with such organized and
"clean" work areas is a real treat but I can't wait to
get sewing :)

I am still finding a home for everything and
I need to do some final tweaking but
I think I will be ready to start the curtains for my studio tomorrow.

 Once all is done I will post pictures :)
Happy Sewing!


Faye Lewis said...

Love that countertop!

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

I'm jealous of the counter too! Lucky you....

Irene said...

I wish you many, many happy sewing hours in your new room. It must feel wonderful to have such a lovely place to work in.

Vicki said...

Nice! Looks like a great space.

Diana said...

I'm so happy for you Ann! It looks great so far. can't wait to see more photos!

Claire S. said...

Lucky you - the 'teaser' pic looks great !

Unknown said...

This is so beautiful. Over the next year we're redoing the sewing loft to make it a bedroom and my sewing room will move to the smallest bedroom. I really can't wait. I'll lose my big table but will gain lots of storage. And lots of sewing surface. I just hope it turns out half as nicely as yours.

Sewingadicta said...

My compliments to your husband for the excellent job with this sewing room, it's a dream! Welcome back to the world of fabrics and patterns!