Friday 7 January 2011

Fabric Bread Basket - Store bought

I bought this bread basket and thought it was really cute and would also be fun to make.

I love the aprons and kitchen accessories Renee from My Sewing Space makes, so I was also thinking of her when I saw these.
There was also potholders,oven mitts  and tea towels to match this basket......I only bought the basket!

Click to enlarge

The basket is formed with the ties...

The fabric used here is very textured cotton with an embroidery.
I do have an embroidery machine but I plan on making it with printed fabrics  that will match my kitchen.
I will also make potholders and oven mitts.
I did take a seam apart and the fabric is layered between sponge, foam. It gives it a very nice feel but I won't be using foam..

Hope this is something you can use Renee :)

(The notes are probably not detailed enough. If you have any questions ask away :))))


Alethia said...

Very nice! This looks like it would take a cinsiderable amount of patience. :)

Renee said...

Thanks so much, Ann! The pictures and measurements/info are great. I vaguely recall seeing something like this before, but I think it was used to hold a 9" square pan (like a casserole basket). I'll add it to my list of products to "develop." :) It was really kind of you to think of me and take the time to post this.

gwensews said...

I love roosters and chickens, and in fact, they are my kitchen decor! Your Barcelona blouse in your last post is just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

These look very "do-able" thanks to your measurements. I'm inspired! My To-do list grows ever longer!!!

vonda said...

I love this basket i was trying to find a pattern, and this is perfect. I am going to add a handle and instead of putting a sponge inside i am going to use plastic canvas. This will make a cute Easter basket. Thank you and have a Blessed Day.

The Tartan Armoire said...

Hi Ann! It's funny how so many people are thinking about the same things at about the same time. Here's a tutorial I did over at my part-time job at Heather Bailey's Studio.