Saturday 10 April 2010

Two New to me Sites!

1st site


Gray by Ann's Fashion Studio

 click on picture

My sister in law shared this site with me and I must say it is pretty awesome.
Thank you Stephanie! 
 Making up collections and sets is truly way too much
 fun and very addictive! 
Set up an account and start playing :)

~ Be prepared to spend some time here

2nd site
Ann's Fashion Studio
Home Sewing
Find Ann's Fashion Studio and get more Home Sewing at

This is a great site to find so many more sewing related websites and blogs!

** Susan Khalje's  "The Bridal Couture CD" is now available 
to Pre order  :)))

 Picture from Susan Khalje Couture  site



Barbara said...

Thanks for sharing!

Trudy said...

My daughter of What To Wear, just recently told me about Polyvore. And I just recently found out about too. Pretty cool sites.

Marie-Noëlle said...

Thank you for letting us know about SK's Bridal CD
I bought the book not so long ago because my DIL wanted me to sew her bridal gown. This won't be done because of my husband health issue the time will be too short for such a huge project but I am still happy to have the book and will use it.
Do you plan to get the CD

Carolyn said...

Thanks for those great links! Polyvore looks like heaps of fun, yes?

Sheila said...

Thanks for the links... off to have fun.

Diana said...

Thanks Ann. I must have a good look at these sites. And thank you for the comment you left about my jacket. I wore it to church today and got compliments.

Kathryn, aka fzxdoc said...

Ann, if there's something that is almost as much fun as seeing your sewing projects, it's going to some of your links. You find the kewelst sites! Thanks for these last two. Sometimes I just come to your 'blog and click on a link for fun. You're a great sewist and a good resource, what's not to like!


Marjie said...

Now I'll have to plan to spend some time at these sites tomorrow...

Unknown said...

LOVe this simple look, esp. the big floppy hat!

ps. please take a sec to check out my blog:

Unknown said...

Ann, I want to sew a cardigan sweater like the ones from Jcrew, but I do not know what kind of fabric I need to buy or how to make (if it must be..) make a specific pattern for it. Can you help me?

Alviana said...

thnx for introducing the polyvore site to me! OMG! they so awesome! Thnx!

Aminat said...

Thanks for sharing polysore site...that is one awesome site

Carolyn said...

Hi Ann! Thanks for your comment! We have Memorial Day here in Australia too, but Anzac Day is an extra... I hope you do enjoy the Anzac biscuits, just bear in mind they are ALWAYS called biscuits, not cookies!!
I hope we are going to see a picture of you in your stunning red dress. And your black dress....

Carolyn said...

Sorry, I should have specified... Memorial day is for WW2, which Australia participated in, still being British... Anzac Day was originally for WW1 but has morphed into being for all our war veterans.. but we still observe both