Monday 10 November 2008

Linda MacPhee

I'll be making fleece tops soon, so I bought my fleece from Linda MacPhee. She has some of the best quality fleece, with zippers and ribbing to match the fleece. I'll be using her "No Sweat Pattern # 420. I've made this top many times and it is a favorite.
I thought I'd also share one of her "Linda MacPhee's Workshop" Episode videos. There is an interesting segment with Ron Collins on making ties.... A great Christmas gift idea. (Ron Collins and Linda are about 12:23 mins into the video if you just want to watch the tie segment )
For those who live out west - Ron Collins will also be in BC, Canada - April 2009 - with Sandra Betzina!
Linda MacPhee Video. . .from Linda MacPhee site.
** Update - The Great Coat Sew Along - I've also just found my buttons for my Coat! I was getting a little frustrated because I* couldn't find what I wanted locally or on line. Today I came across the ones that will work perfect...... from The Button Drawer.


Meg said...

I didn't realize you were also making a boucle coat! Finding the right buttons was hard, though. I brought home one set and then decided they weren't right, so back to the store again. How far along are you with your coat? I just finished mine minutes ago. Phew!

Tany said...

I'm glad you're able to find the right buttons (so now you can move on to making the buttonholes)! Yesterday I finished the buttonholes on the facing side on my coat too.
Hugs from Portugal!

Diana said...

Ann, you are a host of information. Fun to see Linda McPhee's video. Glad you found just the right button. I've found great buttons at Frenchy's before. I never shop there for clothes. I much prefer to sew mine. But buttons are another story!

Ann Made Studio said...

Lindsay, how nice that you finished your coat. I must check your blog. I have all my coat/lining done, not sewn all together yet - the buttons were holding me up - these will be my 4th time bringing buttons home. I would buy them, knowing they were just not the right ones, but settling :) So I so hope when I receive these latest ones there are no surprises.
Tany I'm also making bound buttonholes and I'm anxious to start them. You are progressing nicely with your jacket. It will be beautiful, as always!
Diana, I never thought of checking French's for buttons! I never shop there. I'll have to keep that in mind.

Claire S. said...

Good luck with the buttons Ann, hopefully this time they will be the ones.
My coat calls for snaps with buttons just for show - and although I'd really like proper buttons/buttonholes, I'm being chicken. Everything about this project is new and I just don't feel up to learning bound buttonholes. 'Course now that I'm at the interfacing stage, I'm waffling...once the hair canvas is attached, I can't change my mind. I think I'll let it sit a couple more days.

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Ann .- everything is very interesting, video, web buttons. There is a pattern in shell (Adriatic) that I bought myself, here in Barcelona.

I hope that your wedding anniversary would be great. I am sure that it was an unforgettable day.

My best wishes to you and your husband.


Ann Made Studio said...

Thank you Paco, we had a wonderful day. Very quite for a 25th anniversary, but very very nice!
The pattern you speak of, is it a jacket you have pictures of it made up? I like the name :)
Thank you too Claire, I really hope these buttons are perfect. I'm sure if you were to make buttonholes you would be fine, everything you have posted so far looks great :)

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Ann.-sorry, the translation of my text is not right. I am referring to a model of shell button on the website show that ...... greetings again.


Ann Made Studio said...

I understand now Paco :)
I searched Adriatic at the button drawer and there was a beautiful button :) ... with many colours similar to the Adriatic Sea... I would imagine...

Carol said...

I really like your choice of buttons. I'm struggling with the button choice for my SWAP jacket. It's amazing the difference a button can make! I'm envious that you actually get to see people like Sandra Betzina in person. Here in Australia we get very little, plus in a regional area like Byron Bay you get nothing at all unless it's related to surfing, music or tourism. I get to see great bands (everyone wants to come here) and it's a fun place to live, but when you want something practical (like decent interfacing) it drives you up the wall!

Ann Made Studio said...

Hello Carol, I agree,buttons can make a big difference. If they just don't look right it can throw the whole look off!I'm sure your choice will work for your jacket.
I live pretty far from where Sandra Betzina will be doing classes, so I won't get to see her. They very rarely make their way East...I've only ever met Linda MacPhee :)