Sunday 11 May 2008

I got Mail

When I came home on Friday my mail order was waiting for me. I received "the" Vogue 1048, Vogue 2920 , I love the pants, and Vogue 8493. My Mother and Father in law are visiting this week end so I haven't had the time to truly read thru Vogue 1048, my favorite. This pattern has caught the attention of many thru blog land and I'm anxious to see others version of this great pattern. Kathryn Brenne wrote an informative article in the June/July Vogue magazine on Chado Ralph Rucci's signature couture technique he calls "suspension". His Vogue 1048 dress just happens to have this tailored touch! It looks like it will be an interesting and fun technique to learn. I am still pondering what fabric to use? It suggests Dupioni, Sateen and Lightweight Linen. The dress made up in white is beautiful but I might go with a blue-ish?? dupioni ???? or stay with the white ?? Not sure at this point, I'll have to look around. Suggestions? :) ....... Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Quite a few people purchased this pattern and I can't wait to see the interpretations made up. I purchased the pattern so that when I die the DDs can sell it on original factory folded pattern should go quite high in the bidding don't you think! *LOL*

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Ann .- I am glad that it intends to sew this pattern Rucci. It's my favorite designer. I adore their creations. can be a great success making this dress white, as indicated by the designer. but I think that supports many off-white colors such as ivory, navy blue, sienna, or even a powerful color such as red or black. The fabric must of course be noble, dupioni, a good cotton, etc.. You have to look at the site of the Kent State Museum (is on the links in my blog), there are samples his famous "suspension". Thanks for the link ELLE, is magnificent. greetings and see you soon. Paco

Mon Café Couture said...

Ann, go for the blue, me too i received the pattern of the same dress and I am thinking of making it in ginger like color (if I find such), anyway I see better when I chose the fabric in the store, I put it on me and it helps better imagining the future dress.

Ann Made Studio said...

Carolyn, you have to make it for yourself, that's the fun of it, and not for your daughters to enjoy it's worth as an original factory folded pattern but a made up original Carolyn artistic creation :)

Paco thank you for the fabric advise, I like the "noble" part:) of the fabric desription and will look for such a fabric. Thank you for pointing out the Kent State Museum.

Cafe couture I too much prefer choosing a fabric from a store, but our shops are so limited here that periodicaly I cautiously will order from a well known on-line source.I hope you find the colour you are looking for. Ginger would be a "noble" coloured fabric as Paco wrote above :) I'm anxious to see your dress.