Monday 31 December 2007

It's a Blustery last day of 2007

Images - Moments in Time

Bill and Duncan shovelling the back deck......while Bradley supervised :) - till Duncan accidently shovelled snow on him - then he came running over to me - he didn't like that at all :)

This was just at the beginning of the snow fall, they had to go out 2 more times during the day.


Vicki said...

Happy New Year Ann!! Love the video, but it is so hard to imagine as I sit here in my wet bathers just trying to cool down a bit. Actually we are expecting a cool change tonight and tomorrow will only be about 25 (a bit lower than the 40+ of the last few

Linda said...

Happy New Year! Ummm....enjoy the snow? I am not too sure where you live, but me live in the NE and we got a dusting. I don't know if it's coming our way or not, but we are supposed to get very, very cold over the next couple of days.