Thursday 8 November 2007

Burda WOF (World Of Fashion)

Burda WOF Originally uploaded by Ann's Fashion Studio

I am now a Burda girl :) My magazine came in and I love it. Tracing the pattern is a little different......but once you find the lines, highlight them and trace them... Voila....done! And don't forget to add those seam allowances and hems. I used a tracing wheel and it worked great. I put my Spaceboard underneath and the perforations on the craft paper are then easy to see, and just cut the pieces out. I think I will like this magazine as the styles appear to be very stylish. There seems to be easy to make garments, like the T-shirt I've chosen, 10/06-#114, and there are also advanced.

I received a Sample issue which was 10/06 before my actual subsciption came in. That is a nice touch from the company.

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